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"My consignor check covered everything I bought at the sale, with $50 left over! That will go towards paying for my daughter to go to preschool."

Rachel D., a Rhea Lana's Consignor & Shopper

"I have to brag on two workers that I came in contact with this week! On Thursday I came in to Check-In my items with my 8 year old and 6-month-old sons in tow! I know, bad idea! As I got ready to put my items on the racks, a volunteer came up and told me she would do it for me because she saw that I had my hands full! Bless her soul! Then today I was shopping and mentioned to a girlfriend in conversation that I was so hot and was dying for a diet coke! A few seconds later, a volunteer came and offered me a diet coke! Bless her too! Keep up the good work Ashley! What you are doing is spreading!"

Meaghan, a Rhea Lana's Consignor & Shopper

"I am very happy with my first Rhea Lana experience!! I made money as a first time consignor! I volunteered and got in early to buy some awesome items for a good price! It was an overall great experience. Thank you!!!"

Krystie S., a Rhea Lana's Consignor & Shopper

"I got 27 items for $47! Love Rhea Lana's!"

Connie, a 1/2 Price Shopper

"For my daughter: roller blades, dress, button-up shirt, five pairs of shorts, a skirt, a skort, and two pairs of shoes. For my son: long sleeves pants onsie, six pairs of shorts, seven rompers, six shirts, two pairs of Robees shoes, and a truck toy complete with trailer and horse. All for LESS THAN $80!! This is the best sale I've been to yet!"

Elizabeth, a Rhea Lana's 1/2 Price Shopper

49 items (some sets, ALL name brands) for.... Drum roll please.....$99!!!! Averages to be about $2 each!! I got all 4 of my kids a pretty good start to next years clothes! We always shop for the year ahead! Love it! Thanks Rhea Lana's!

Tanna, a Rhea Lana's 1/2 Price Shopper

"WOW!!!! Just checked my sales and I have made WAY more than I spent!! I'm so Ecstatic!! !! Cant wait to Consign and Shop again!!"

Heather, a Rhea Lana's Consignor & Shopper

"I got 7 outfits for $12! ALL nice, name brand items in perfect condition. One of them was new with tags and was originally $17! (got it for $2!!!) This is the best 1/2 price sale yet. Not to be missed!"

Dani, a Rhea Lana's 1/2 Price Shopper

"We're relatively new foster parents and are so thankful for those who donate their unsold items so the kids in our care can have a normal wardrobe. It's such a blessing because foster children come into our care with just the clothes on their backs. Our current placements were so excited when we came home with a couple outfits each from the items donated from the Rogers event. They had to try them all on that night!"

Elena, a Northwest Arkansas Foster Parent

"I bought a Johnny jump up, a graco stroller, a graco monitor, a boppy, two boppy slip covers, crib bumpers, a diaper stacker, and a diaper bag for $103.50!!! Just looked it up and it all retails for over $445!!!!!"

Meagan, a Rhea Lana's shopper